My work is a reaction to consumer culture and an observation of the relationship between the material object and human subject within the virtual (Internet and social media) and the physical public spaces.

I use installations and performance as my primary weapons of choice, although my practice is multi-disciplinary, since the medium depends strictly on the idea. My working process is intuitive. Improvisation and spontaneity are qualities I embrace to keep the human feel present in my work. Both my performances and installations complement each other, therefore an artwork generally becomes whole through a compilation of works that approach the same topic from various perspectives.

The objects I create are a result of the appropriation of mass production methods. I emulate these methods in my studio practice to understand some of the dynamics of consumer culture and popular trends. The resulting work is humorous, colorful and loud on the surface, but encloses a critical standing point in its core. It raises questions about craftmanship, the role of the artist, production value and speculates about a not-too distant future.

On the other hand, my performance work focuses on the appropriation of subversive gestures found in subcultures. One face of my performative work is absurd, satirical and provocative and has become a social experiment (rap videos). The main focus of this type of work is in the reaction of the audience. Its other face is emotional and introspective (spoken word) and is a means to create space for reflection.

My work`s aim is to create spaces of dialogue through friction in between the intimate and the public, and the material and the virtual.